Our Mission

Parent reading to child

Help to widen your child's vocabulary

The ability to read (and develop a love of reading) is one of the greatest gifts a parent or carer can pass on to a child.

Children Reading For Life would like to help parents and carers achieve this: we know what becoming a reader involves for young people and we know what is expected of children during their primary school education.

We would like to support you and your child so that they are more likely to:

  •   Enjoy learning;
  •   Gain deeper understanding and meaning from texts;
  •   Develop critical thinking skills;
  •   Have a greater stamina for learning;
  •   Be a more accomplished writer (including spelling);
  •   Have more confidence;
  •   Be able to focus well;
  •   Have a healthy self-esteem;
  •   Develop empathy;
  •   Be curious and interested in people and the world around them;
  •   Be happier.

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