Information About Sessions

Grandparent reading to grandchild

Reading helps your child to develop
their debating and discussion skills

Sessions are for parents, grandparents and carers and can vary depending on the number of attendees. Children Reading for Life can accommodate one-to-one sessions, small groups or up to twenty people as long as the venue allows.


Sessions will be tailored to suit your needs and can include:

  •   An informal presentation all about the importance of children's reading;
  •   How children learn to read, what strategies you can use to help them and how they progress;
  •   What to try if your child 'goes off' reading or becomes reluctant to read;
  •   Ideas and reading recommendations depending on your child's interests, level of reading and personal needs;
  •   Advice if you think your child may be dyslexic.

When you Contact Children Reading For Life we can discuss how to help you and your child's reading needs. All questions to do with your child's reading will be welcomed!


Sessions can be held anywhere local that is convenient for parents and carers to get together. When you contact Children Reading For Life, we can discuss options to suit you.

Venues can include: local play cafes, a quiet office space (in Arundel), your home, a village hall (if numbers require more space).

For some sessions a power socket and space will be needed for a projector and screen.


Sessions can be booked to suit you and your schedule: day or evening, weekdays or weekends, holidays or term-times. Contact Children Reading for life to arrange the best time for you.


Go to Book a Session for details. Prices will depend on numbers of attendees and location.