All Ages and Abilities

Family reading together

"Read together, relax together, enjoy together"

Children Reading for Life sessions focus on areas such as:

  •   Pre-school: why is it important for your child to look at books and hear your voice?
  •   Beginner readers: how do books 'work'?
  •   Phonics: how can children crack the alphabet 'code'?
  •   Independent readers: what is fluency? When should children 'go it alone'?
  •   Reluctant readers: why do children 'go off' reading?
  •   Reading to your child/ren: how can you make this enjoyable and fun?
  •   Readers for life: why should you read to your child, read together and talk about what you've read?

"Children who read widely (and often) access the curriculum more easily." ~ Michael Rosen